Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Question of the Day

It's about time I put something on this blog! I'm not really sure what I'll write on this day by day, but for now, I have a question. I was thinking one day about our new baby Annalee. Everybody's favorite game to play when they see a new baby is, "Who does she look like most, mom or dad?" I never know. I mean, she looks like a baby and her features change so much how can you tell?? But one day I was trying to figure it out anyway and I suddenly thought about the pre-existence. I know, it's kind of random, but welcome to my brain. So as far as I understand it, we were created spiritually before physically...meaning that our spirits existed and then we came to earth to get a physical body. Supposedly our spiritual beings look the same as our physical bodies, right? So here's the question: How did God know what we would look like physically? Yes, yes, I know that God is Omniscient. But take a minute to think about the implications.

When a baby is born, they take on physical traits of the parents due to genes. The baby is bound to inherit genes from both parents, hence the game I spoke of previously that people like to play. Children often look like their parents. That makes sense physically. But what about spiritually? Hasn't it been said that there is not a "one" person you could marry? But if there isn't, how did God know how to create your children spiritually, keeping with the assumption that your spirit looks the same as you do physically. Ok, ok, once again the answer is that God knew who we would choose so He was able to do that. Wouldn't that mean then, that since our children have already been created spiritually to look a certain way, that there really is only one person we could marry? I wonder then if the people who have kids that look nothing like the parents, married the wrong person! Or is it simply that the people we are attracted to all have similar traits and genes that will produce the correct child no matter which person we choose? Hmmm...interesting.

I do know that I'm so glad I married Lee and he is the perfect husband for me. Annalee is our beautiful daughter, even if we can never figure out who she looks like! Besides, it's not really that important to our eternal salvation...right?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Random Realization

How startling the realization that the person you've been striving all your life to become is the very person you swore you'd never be like.