Thursday, August 14, 2008

To Eat or To Sleep?

That is the question. When two basic life necessities come head to head, what would you choose? There was a time in my life when food would probably win out over anything (especially if there was something quick to grab and swallow on the way to the pillow!). I couldn't sleep as well on an empty stomach and would often find myself waking up and unable to sleep until some piece of food had filled the void. If food did not come first on my priority list, it would often lead to extended drowsiness and/or headaches.

However, in my current situation with a newborn and a young toddler, I'm afraid sleep is the obvious victor. For those of you who are worried I'm becoming malnourished, have no fear. Eating has only slid into second place, not disappeared entirely. The concern these days is sleep deprivation. Believe it or not, it is possible to eat with one or both little ones awake. This is not the case with sleep. A few minutes of shut-eye are so rare to come by that one must seize the opportunity without much delay or that second may be lost forever.

So what is it for you? When you must choose between food or sleep, what'll it be?