Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Read Me Next Time You Consider Professional Portraits!

Memo to self:
Next time you want to take your kids in for a free 8x10 picture at a studio, I hope you will remember the following things:

  • Remember it's just a ploy to sell you bigger and better products that look even better with your adorable child in them
  • Remember how your daughter wet her pants because it took two hours to sort through and arrange special portrait collections that you didn't want and didn't pay for in the end
  • Remember how your son shook raisins all over the room and was crying from boredom, hunger, and tiredness because he had missed his nap and only stopped when you took him from the stroller so you could make the final decision to stick with the free 8x10 you came in for and nothing else
  • Remember how he screamed when you tried to put him back in the stroller
  • Remember your headache as you left pushing the double stroller to the opposite end of the mall past pesky aisle vendors muttering out loud, "No thanks" while muttering under your breath, "Cranky kids...cranky mom."
Still think it's worth it?

If you've forgotten and still want to go, here are some things to consider for next time:
  • Tell them upfront you only want an 8x10
  • Tell them they are more than welcome to try and sell you other items, but..
    • you are on a budget (make it up if you're not)
    • you aren't good at decision making
    • you only have a certain amount of time (10-15 min should be enough to pick the one pose you like)
  • so you will not purchase anything else until you've had time (without crying children) to sleep on it and discuss it with your spouse
  • Take the kids to the bathroom immediately before the photo shoot
  • Don't bring raisins