Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sibling Dynamics

I definitely see stark contrasts in my children's behavior currently. Perhaps it is their difference in age. Maybe it's about the gender. Or maybe, it's all personality.

Child number one (2yr old girl):
Cries and refuses to eat when I don't spoon feed her.
Gets upset when food gets on her hands.

Child number two (1yr old boy):
Screams and refuses to eat when I do spoon feed him because he wants to do it.
Gets upset if I don't let him stick his hands in the food.

To each his own.

Latest Parenting Mistake
Don't feed your 1 year old cotton candy at the circus. He may recognize the resemblance in the green cotton stuffing of the chair cushions.

Sibling Rivalry
There was a small battle concerning Annalee's brush that Luke wanted to play with that Annalee, of course, didn't want him to touch because it's, in her words, "mine!" So I tried to mitigate the issue by having Annalee give him a comb, which she did, after yanking the brush from him. A few minutes later, the episode of the brush supposedly forgotten as the kids seemed to be engaged in different play activities, I suddenly saw Luke take off towards the back rooms like a baseball player stealing home. I had to laugh when I spied in his hand Annalee's brush. He was high-tailing it out of there as fast as his little legs could carry him! Unfortunately for him, Annalee also realized what he was doing and she chased him down, once again yanking it from his hands. No homerun this time.

For the most part they seem to get along quite well. They have taken to hiding in Luke's closet (lights off and door shut). I don't know what they do, but with all the giggling they seem to be enjoying themselves. I tried to accompany them to see what all the fun was about and Annalee promptly kicked me out saying: "Mami, fuera. Shut da door." I can take a hint.