Friday, July 31, 2009

Luke's 12 month Update

Height: 30 in (50-75%)
Weight: 23.08 lbs (50-75%)
Head: 46.2 (25-50%)

Has it been a year already?!! Crazy! I swear this has been the shortest year of my life! He seems a lot younger than Annalee was at a year. He hasn't hit the milestones quite as quickly as she did. He can't really say anything yet...unless you count his "O deh!" when he drops something (translated to mean "Oh dear!"). He likes to repeat "da da da da da...", but it has no meaning for him since we say "Papi" for daddy. He's finally starting to enjoy books a little more and to play pat-a-cake. My favorite thing is when he holds the phone at the back of his neck and starts jabbering! The other day we discovered Luke in the kitchen playing in a pile of powdered sugar! He was shoving handfuls in his mouth! Unfortunately, the camera batteries were dead.

Luke is currently trying to figure out the self-feeding thing. He has made significant progress. It started with grabbing the spoon from my hand and banging it around in the bowl wondering how it magically got to his mouth. Eventually, he stuck his other hand in the food to see if it would help. I showed him how to stick that hand in his mouth to suck the food off. He liked that. After repeating this a few times, it finally seemed to click that he could repeat the bowl-to-mouth motion with the spoon, although he still likes the hand-in-food technique because it's 100% successful. Now all he has left to figure out is which end of the spoon can carry the most food to his mouth!

At his check-up I was shocked to discover that he has an ear infection in one ear and fluid in the other. I didn't have a clue! I took him to the doctor about two weeks ago when he had a cold because he was so miserable and he didn't have it then! Since his cold has cleared up he has appeared to be fine. Whoops! Poor guy. And then four shots and a finger prick was a little traumatic for him (and Mom), but he was so ecstatic about the band-aid on his finger it was all ok.

He is walking now, though still somewhat in the transitional stage. (I hope he is learning that the bathtub is not a good place to practice...that black-eye should serve as a good reminder!). Just two days ago he started practicing standing up on his own (without pulling up on something) and has been so proud of himself! He's a little pro now!

Here's a video of Luke's first year: