Tuesday, May 4, 2010

To Know, Or Not To Know

I've never really been one to follow trends, but this time around I am sorely tempted.  It seems that many people these days have decided that it is very exciting to step back in time and not rely on modern technology to inform them of the gender of their baby.  (This old-fashioned route doesn't go much further as most still rely on an epidural!).  The more I have pondered this idea, I too have been caught up in the bandwagon and feel that it really would be a neat experience to not know until the moment the precious package is delivered and they hand the angel to me with the words, "It's a girl!" or "It's a boy!"  I imagine that with all the hormones from the labor process, that moment would be much more magical than simply watching the alien-like form floating on a screen.

Unfortunately, my husband can't seem to catch the vision.  Last night we had a good discussion about it and I think I'm finally beginning to understand where he's coming from.  To him, my pregnancy isn't real.  He sees my growing belly, but it is not a part of him like it is a part of me.  For him, knowing the gender is the beginning of a connection with the new life.  Until then, the baby is just an "it."  So the sooner we know if it's a boy or a girl, the sooner "it" becomes his little son or daughter.  Makes sense.

So the dilemma remains unresolved.  I want him to connect with the baby.  I also want to have my magical moment at delivery.  We have three weeks to decide.  And I have to wonder, will it really be as special as I imagine it to be?  Or would I be sacrificing my husbands desire for foolish imaginations?

Those are my questions.