Thursday, July 12, 2007

Annalee's Update

July 12, 2007
4 Month Appointment in Houston

Height: 24" 5o%
Weight: 14 lb 7.4 oz 75-90%
Head: 41 50%

We have been so blessed. Annalee is just as healthy as always and so far I really like the doctor we randomly chose. Although phone conversations with people have not gone well for me, actual interaction with people has been great here in Texas. I was a little nervous, but everyone was really nice. The doctor is from Colorado but did his Residence...or whatever it in Houston and met a nurse that wouldn't leave here! So here he is. He was really impressed with her head control (Annalee's, not the nurse!) and said she should be rolling over any day now (the one milestone she hasn't reached yet for her age). She got lots of shots so she might be a little fussy, but she handled them like a trooper! It was a little pricey because we don't have insurance yet, but we were told we just have to make a claim as soon as we have the information and it will all be covered. I sure hope so because it may have been less expensive to fly out to Utah and be covered under mine!


coolhandluke said...

It looks like her brain is finally growing, it was a lot smaller at her 2 month appointment (40% or something like that). That's my little girl, she's going to be super intelligent!

Anonymous said...

Wow, she is doing so well! (But then of course we all knew that!) Those days of watching your little one get shots are no fun! You both could probably use a little treat!
I sure do love you. Take care.
Love, Mom

Lindsay said...

Glad to see Annalee is doing so great! And I love the pictures you and Lee post -- so precious.

Good luck getting settled into Houston!