Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Becoming Extraordinary

"..and we hope you'll never change..."
"...Oh, but we simply must change--mustn't we?...If we aren't changing and growing every day--if we aren't always becoming instead of just simply being--well, wouldn't that be a terrible thing?"

"But let me tell you a little secret...Even the ordinary people are extraordinary. They just don't know it."

--Enchantress of Crumbledown by Donald R. Marshall

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Coach Ann said...

This is such a true statement. When I'm very tired and stressed, I think I'll be happy for the day I don't have anything to do and then I realize how boring it would be. I also think about how some people, when they get older, waste away in their rocking chairs and how others stay vibrant and alive by "...becoming instead of just simply being..."