Thursday, March 20, 2008

Question 103

Does the fact that you have never done something before increase or decrease its appeal to you?


coolhandluke said...

I won't cheat by saying, "It depends." I would say it generally doesn't appeal to me if I have never done it. The first thing that came to my mind is a movie. I generally choose to see movies I have already seen before, or with actors that I am familiar with. I do on occasions venture beyond those bounds, but not too often. The same thing goes for restaurants. However, the opposite usually holds true with reading a book. I want to read authors I've never read to better span my literary knowledge. A new technology to learn, a new spin on a stagnant ideal, new insight to gospel learning ruts, etc. are all more appealing. I think the thought of doing new things generally increases it's appeal to me, not so much that I delve into it first chance, but that I let it roll around my mind gathering potential energy.

Sparky said...

It depends! For instance...Skiing. I really didn't want to go because I'd never done it before and it seeme scary. But something like go-carts I was super excited to try out because I love cars and going fast! So if it's scary to me, it will lessen the appeal it has to me.

Scott said...

It makes things more appealing to me. I love to try new things, even if I will never enjoy it again, or ever get good at it. That is probably why I have done lots of things and can sort of do lots of things... but I'm not too good at anything. I like to say I'm well rounded, but maybe the truth is that I just can't follow through too well.

don&janet said...

Call me crazy! It depends on my mood. If I have had a long week and I am looking forward to the weekend, I don't want to try anything new. I want something tried and true! Catch me on a fresh day and I just might go for a new idea!

30 year-old Dad said...

Eat my body weight in banana bread
Become Tetris champion of the world
Have someone take the discussions in my home
Travel the world
Win the nobel prize
Have Lasik!!
Mail-order locusts to an unsuspecting friend

Go on American Idol
Have a pedicure
Build my own house
Live with the Clinton's

Coach Ann said...

If it's in an area I like, I'd try it.