Sunday, February 8, 2009

Annie's Home Remedies

Problem:  She has slight eczema in the bend of her elbow
Solution: Vanilla Yogurt (strongly resembles Hydrocortisone cream)

What was probably going through her brain:

My arm really hurts!  I'll tell mami again.  "Owie here."  My arm REALLY hurts!  "Owie here, Mami!"  Hey, that yogurt Mami just gave me looks a lot like the cream she puts on my owie.  A whole dish of it!  Thanks Mami.  Yep.  Works great!  Why is Mami laughing at me?  "Owie here."

(Sorry, no pictures.  Lee didn't want me to reinforce the fact that she was rubbing her vanilla yogurt on her "owie."  Didn't seem to matter because she has since used applesauce and cookie dough!  Hey, whatever long as she doesn't start eating the Hydrocortisone cream ...)
Who, me?


Aimee and David said...

Oh that is so cute!

don&janet said...

what an absolute adorable picture of our little Annie! Hey, they have you eat yogurt to give your body more healthy bacteria, maybe Annie isn't so far off afterall! Keep us up on her latest remedy!

Coach Ann said...

Just for the record, how have those other remedies worked?