Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Little Trolls

I've always wanted to see these two pictures side-by-side because one reminded me of the other and I've thought they each looked like a troll. Annalee more so because of her lovely mohawk that haunted most of her baby-hood. Luckily her hair has since grown and she no longer sports the punk look.

Here are some more recent pictures of the two and you can see that they really are cute despite the previously pictured non-photogenic moment they each have had.


Coach Ann said...

The "glowing eyes" are especially effective. They were cute trolls.
They get cuter every day.

The Hamiltons said...

por fin pusiste fotos de los ninos... They look so cute! I hope you keep putting new pics every week :)
Los extranamos mucho miercoles!


don&janet said...

Oh my don't we have adorable grandchildren! The greatest thing is that they are just as good as they are cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aimee and David said...

Annalee is a beautiful little princess! Luke is adorablel