Thursday, February 16, 2012


The official start day of the scripture challenge was last Sunday.  Unfortunately, I was so busy doing things for my calling and getting kids ready for church and setting everything up for the challenge, that by the end of the day I was too darn tired to actually begin my reading!  Nice.  Starting behind on the first day. 

Monday rolls around and I'm trying to figure out just when I can do my catch-up, because of course I didn't follow my plan in the morning.  Then a friend called up and invited two of my three children for a play date sans me.  With fewer children to care for, my options grew.  But how should I fill the time?  We were totally out of milk and my house was a mess.  However, it was time for the little guy to nap so I decided the best thing was to put him down to sleep.  My husband could pick up the milk and what turned out to be a much longer grocery list by the end of the day...thanks Dear! :)  So now it was between reading my scriptures or cleaning my house.  I decided I had to make it a priority to read (since I hadn't up to this point).  Well I read and took notes from the first day's reading and then cleaned a bit before I had to pick up the kids, hoping that somehow I could still make up my lost ground.  I didn't that day, but the amazing thing was that by some miracle I was able to get most of the cleaning done that was scheduled that day.  (Anyone juggling three little ones at home all day can understand what a miracle that really is).

As the week has gone on, I've tried to put my reading first whenever I have a choice of how to spend my time.  As I have done this, somehow my other duties have been completed as well and I managed to catch up on the reading!  Some credit should go to the healthy living challenge I am doing because since starting that my headaches have dissipated and it sure is a lot easier to get things done without fighting migraines!  But even since my health has improved, I have never been so on top of my housecleaning (don't think that means my house is clean, I'm just fulfilling the bare minimum that I have planned for each day!).  I know that the Lord has blessed me to be able to accomplish the many tasks I have to do each day, including spending quality time with my children, because I am putting Him first. Treating our bodies and spirits right will help us to be and do our very best.

I hope others have seen the blessings flow from taking the scripture challenge seriously.  Even if you are so behind you'll never catch up, just make it a priority to read and I know you will see the Lord's hand in your lives.  Please share with us your experiences! 

(PS if you haven't received e-mails from me and are doing the challenge, please let me know.)

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