Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Bucket List

I'm not planning on dying any time soon, but there are a few things I would like to accomplish sooner than later. Here are a few I could think of, the top three being long-time dreams of mine:

1. Write a book (I would say publish, but that's out of my control. All I can do is write the book and hope that it's good enough to get published...and maybe be a #1 Bestseller!)

2. Compose a song on the piano

3. Write music and lyrics to a song (possibly the same song as above, but who knows, maybe I'll write more than one)

4. Learn to sing...well

5. Learn to play the guitar

6. Crochet an afghan (this one is already in progress...slowly but surely)

7. Learn to sew (I already have material for projects I have in mind...all I need now is a sewing machine!...oh yeah, and a few lessons)

8. Learn to garden

10. Learn another language (or few)

11. Visit church history sites

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Anonymous said...

I had a dream early Sunday morning about 4:30 AM while staying and Lee & Sherrie's house. I was told that I had cancer and would only live a very short time. I cried in anguish because I have worked so hard my whole life so that I could enjoy my years now. I said, "it is not fair for me to die now." I thought it was unfair that my grandchildren were so young that they would not remember me. I thought, "what can I do so that they will remember me?" I thought that the one thing, the only important thing was to video tape myself with my grandchildren telling them how much I loved them and missed them and promising them that I would be around after my death watching over them. That my sign to them would be a coin found on the ground heads up.

I woke up with tears in my eyes. I had cried in my dream and in real life. It brought my bucket list down to one thing--letting my grandchildren know that their grandfather loves them even though he is not there with them.