Sunday, September 12, 2010

Boy or Girl?

I am expecting to be in the hospital exactly 4 weeks from today so the baby will be born on 10/10/10.  We'll see if I can make it work out that way!  The big question is: boy or girl??

I took a few quizzes and looked up a few Old Wives Tales and ancient calendars and still found mixed results.  Here's a quick run-down for you:

  • The heart rate is sometimes over 140 and sometimes under, although usually right around 140.  So this doesn't seem to help much
  • I haven't had strong cravings for sweet or salty, although I remember with Luke I definitely loved the salty stuff.  This time I find I could probably eat fruit all day, which may qualify for sweet stuff.  This points to a girl.
  • I have never been too sick with my pregnancies, but I have felt queasy a few times.  Since this is more than normal, it could point to a girl as well. 
  • According to the Mayan's, I'm having a boy.
  • According to the Chinese, I'm having a boy.
  • Unless you check a different web site that insists I have to use my lunar age and year to calculate it (for the Chinese), in which case (if I did it right), I am having a girl.
  • According to two quizzes, I'm having a girl (68% and 60% chance girl, 31% and 40% boy).  When I took these same quizzes earlier in my pregnancy, it was about 50/50.  Both were based on wive's tales.
  • Mother's intuition: used to be girl, now I lean towards boy.
  • 3 year old intuition: girl...she wants a "stister"
  • Father intuition: boy (he actually thinks he saw it on the the ultrasound...I was watching far more intently than he was and didn't see a thing!)
So the way I see it, the score's pretty even depending on how much weight you put on each indicator.  Leave a comment and give your vote with your reasoning.  Or just vote on the poll.  Feel free to add a weight guess as well.  (The doctor's guess on the current weight from my ultrasound last Wednesday was 5 lbs and something ounces...I forgot the exact number).

I'll let you know in four weeks who guessed right!


Brenna King said...

I am soo excited to find out!!! And I didn't even realize the date 10/10/10, that would be awesome! But to add my two cents... I am going to say a boy.
For one, our family needs more boys... lol
Two, the heart thing, and Chinese calendar worked for us, and Cordy's heart rate was always above 160.
I know those are hard facts, but that is what I'm feeling!!!

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking today that time has flown (at least for me) this pregnancy! I think you are having a little boy! The heart rate has always seemed lower than the other girls. I guess we will soon find out! What fun! Love, You

Anonymous said...

This is Mom, and I am the anonymous one! Love you!!!!!!!!!!

erica e said...

I'm guessing boy (although I'd love for you to have a girl so Eliza could have a friend). The heart rate was the only thing that was an accurate predictor for us out of all the wives tales type predictors. Try to rest as much these last few weeks! We need to have your kids over!

Stormie said...

I say a girl since I really like having a girl. :) My guess is 8 lbs 2 oz. So ... did you have your baby today? 10/10/10 would be the coolest birthday, I hope it happened!

Vance said...

Based on concrete facts, I'm going to say it's a boy weighing 7 lbs 4 oz named Benjamin Asher (ok, you never sent out the real stats so that WAS actually just a guess . . .)