Sunday, February 12, 2012

Scripture Challenge: Week 1

By the end of this week, you should be up to 2 Nephi 18 (pge 88.5)

Some things to start you thinking: 
These chapters show a stark contrast between characters, particularly Nephi compared to Laman and Lemuel. Look for how your topic may have played a role in the direction each of their lives took and in the decisions they made.  Whose pattern are you emulating in your daily decisions or actions? 

Another thing to consider would be family relations. How were conflicts handled between family members?  What worked and what made things worse? What are some things you can do in your home to create more peace or to change bad feelings you may have toward a member of your family?

Disclaimer: I've written this post several times in my head, but have found myself too swamped to actually type it up and at this moment I am super tired, so I'm pretty sure it won't come out right and I'll forget half of what I wanted to put! I also meant to post it a lot sooner as a way of preparing for the challenge, but alas, the time to prepare is gone. Still, I hope some of these things can be helpful to some of you in this journey.

Each week I would like to post some tips or extra bonuses to the challenge. They shouldn't be anything time consuming, but rather ways to help with completing the challenge and also making it more effective. Having said that, however, this one might be time consuming...but hopefully it will help us get more from our reading and save time in the long run.

Study the doctrine behind the topic so it's easier to see the applications in the stories.  This would have been easier had I posted this before the challenge began as I had planned.  For now, if you happen to get ahead or find extra study time, here are a few sources I have found for "hope."

Sometimes I get tired of all the planning I have to do.  Meal planning, plans for my callings, plans for keeping my children occupied during the day, plans for soccer practice, planning for when to plan, etc.  It gets tiresome.  And yet, it is a tip that I think will help in accomplishing this crazy goal we have set and also give a little hope to see it just might be possible!  Here is the pattern I have used for my planning.

When to read:
MWF 6:30 AM
T TH Sat Sun 7AM

How to read: From the actual Book of Mormon with notebook for notes sitting at a desk after taking a shower to wake me up.  (Although I may just listen to the Isaiah chapters on my Ipod in order to push through them more easily).

Plan B
If the morning time is missed or cut short or I just don't read fast enough, I will listen to it on my Ipod while running or at other times during the day when possible. Saturdays and Sundays will be done during kids naps or in the evening if I miss the morning slot.

Part of the goal of this challenge is to help change our priorities a bit.  Therefore, there are some things I need to give up or put off if my reading is not done.

  • I will not check social media (i.e. Facebook or blogs or even e-mail) until my reading for the day is done.
  • I will not watch any shows or movies until my reading is done for the day.
  • I will not clean anything in my house until my reading is complete. 

Just kidding on the last one, although I might use it for an excuse at times!

Back-up to Plan B
If by chance things are really not going my way and I've had a super crazy day and couldn't get it in, I will not crash in bed until I make a specific plan for the next day of how to get in the extra pages.  I will not get behind more than one day, even if it means locking my children in their rooms for a little peace and quiet!  (JK again) 

Ok.  I think I have a pretty fool-proof plan, don't ya think? :)  I'm now beginning to believe in the possibility of this goal!  Let the games begin!

(PS I will be e-mailing some info including schedules and the sped-up audio files we made.  If you do not receive one tonight, let me know.  You will miss things if you are not on the e-mail list, particularly the discussions).


Jennie said...

Haha love it. I'm going to use your plan, particularly the not cleaning anything until my reading is done :) the next 6 weeks are going to be messy ...

Don Anderson said...

Oh Sherrie dear! I love you! Take a deep breath and enjoy the journey!You have given some great pointers and I will definitely watch for them as I go through this wonderful reading! I love you!