Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Doctor Visits

Luke: 2 Months
Luke is a whopping 14 lbs 10.9 oz! Annalee was barely 14 lbs at 4 months! This kid is a monster! He's in the 97th percentile for weight and only a little lower in height (24 in). I think he's in the 50th percentile for his head circumference, but the doctor reassured me a smaller head has nothing to do with brain power!

Annalee: 18 Months
Annalee is still creeping through the 20 lb range and really I don't remember much else of her stats. She's pretty low in the percentiles, like in the 25th or so...maybe as low as the 10th in one area. But she's perfectly healthy and hitting all her milestones like a pro! She is still pretty scared of the doctor's office, particularly of the table. She went crazy when we had to lay her on it to try and measure her! The worst for both was definitely the shots. Annalee went first. It started off bad since she had to lie on the table again. But then he sobbing just about killed me as they pierced her with the needles! It was over super quickly though and she tried hard to control her tears. She helped me hold in Luke's pacifier while he got ready for his own torture. It terrified Annalee to see the nurse stab the needles into Luke's legs and then to hear him scream at the pain. In fact, I think she started crying before Luke did because she watched them do it and knew what was going to happen to her poor little brother. So naturally, I had two crying children, both of who wanted/needed comforting at the same time! It helped to have Annalee give Luke kisses to make him feel better as it temporarily distracted her from the horror of the scene she just witnessed. I think that next time I won't let her watch!


Coach Ann said...

You have such ADORABLE kids. Poor little Annie. Don't fret though Mom, she'll get over it someday. Maybe just in time for the next shots! Luke should be bigger than she is by then, so he can comfort her :)

Scott said...

The nurse in my office is a pro. She is like 70 years old and knows her stuff. She deosn't even prep the area or anything. I just hold my kids and she quickly pokes 'em, gives 'em a lolipop(only Jeff), and calls it good. My old office used to have me pin them down, prep the area, and dragged it on and on. I much prefer the quick get it over with method. Plus, as soon as Jeff gets his pop, he's as happy as can be.

Shot still aren't any fun.

don&janet said...

What a visit! Isn't it great that they can easily be distracted! Annie is amazing! You are teaching her at a young age some very important things. What a great mom you are! Love ya!